Our Founder

As a Peruvian-born immigrant living in the USA and founder of this female-owned business, Rossina has had over Twenty years of knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. In 1985, Rossina came to New York with her family to achieve the American dream. Since then, she has had the opportunity to design for the top fashion houses in New York City. Many Years Ago, Rossina made the decision to become vegan; changing her perspectives on animals and the environment. This led her to create change by introducing sustainable alternatives to the fashion industry. In February 2021, she officially launched Vannesa Rossi, providing a modern design aesthetic using only premium sustainable materials. Today, Rossina resides in Queens, NY with a continued desire to make a difference in the world by helping to change a harm-causing fashion industry.


Our Materials

Like luxury genuine leather bags, Vannesa Rossi provides top quality to their designs and materials; just without causing harm to the environment or animals. Each product from our brand is guaranteed 100% cruelty free and biodegradable, with leather-like materials made entirely from plants. The quality and delicate process it takes to create plant leathers makes it of high value; ensuring that you are receiving the best sustainable-sourced materials to add to your collection.

VANNESAROSSI's Craftmanship


Our Artisans

The fashion industry has historically had a devastating impact on our environment. That’s why our commitment is to incorporate ethical practices to the brand. Practices that consist of partnering with ethical-only factories around the world and making sure workers to these factories are earning fair wages and experience safe working conditions. We care deeply about the animals we share this planet with as well as our crafts people who work so hard to bring Vannesa Rossi to life.

Rossina’s Message

" I launched Vannesa Rossi to take a stance against the negative impact the fashion industry has on the world. Hoping to inspire change in our industry and make sustainability accessible on a larger scale. Exposing our customers to sustainable alternatives without compromising on quality. As an experienced accessories designer, I've worked for many prestigious brands in design, technical design and production teams. My extensive background in these areas has provided a great foundation to our brand identity. Ensuring our designs are aesthetically pleasing while catering to the unique characteristic of each plant-based material used. Creating premium collections that appeal to the modern consumer. I am committed to consistently explore more ways to improve our process, products and practices with our planet and you in mind. "